Neyman Fencing Tournament 2018

25th of August 2018

First international longsword and one-handed sword open tournament in Croatia held by Ars Gladiatoria Zagreb and Academia Artis Dimicatoriae

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Due to some unforeseeable problems, “NeCro2018” will no longer be held on 25th & 26th of august, but rather on 25th of August only. One of our bigger partners – “Student Centre Stjepan Radić” pulled out of the tournament due to prolonged construction work on their facilities. We are trying hard to find alternatives but it looks like we will have to ask you to find something yourself. Some other…

Rewards & partners!

We are pleased to announce that both PBT and Rearguard will be providing the winners of the tournament with rewards! Other rewards are in the works.


  • Neyman Fencing
  • The Knight Shop International
  • PBT Historical Fencing
  • Teximp 360° CNC solutions
  • Kvetun Armory
  • Arming Guild