About the tournament


  • Open tournament for both men and women
  • Up to 30 participants

One-handed swords

  • Open tournament for both men and women
  • One-handed sword category includes sideswords and sabres
  • Up to 10 participants

Sparring pits

  • Sparring pits are extra fighting areas where all participants can fight freely
  • Results do not impact tournament
  • With or without judicial overview
  • Available throughout the entire event
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The Venue

The venue will be held in “Boćarski dom Zrinjevac” sports hall. The hall itself is located near the Sava river and is surrounded by a park and has several grocery stores nearby. The location is easily accessible by tram and car.

The main part of the venue — the tournament, will be held in the main hall. All participants will have access to wardrobes, toilets, showers and refreshments.

The secondary part of the venue — sparring pits, will be held outside the sports hall. The sparring pits are small fighting areas where all contestants will be able to spar when not competing in the main event.

Lunch is included in the entrance fee for the venue.